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Fashion Photography Workshops instructed by World renowned photographer Shaun Alexander

Fashion photography is known to be one of the most lucrative careers in the world, yet very difficult and competitive to break into and without a proper education and knowledge, your chances are very limited or close to none. That’s why Shaun Alexander’s fashion photography workshops are proven to be one of the most effective ways for amateur or Professional photographers to learn his 30+ years of trade secrets in days and not in years.


Known as one of the “Top Fashion photographers in the world ” Shaun Alexander” will show you his formula to a successful fashion photography career through a step by step process in his workshops.


From his famous lighting and highly styled Creative techniques to discussing the ways and techniques of some of his great idols and famous fashion photography Icons such as Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Patrick Demarchelier, Richard Avedon and more…He is will simplify and explain how to make the greatest fashion images with the least amount of natural light to the most complex studio lighting.


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Fashion Photography workshops Los Angeles, New York, London UK

Seeing is believing and most importantly the best way to save time and gain experience is to watch a master at work, and that’s exactly what you get, learning the best and fastest way to achieve the highest quality fashion images.


After all it is all about creating images that you have always wanted, and these workshops are not only designed to create stunning images for your portfolio, but to teach you the techniques that will stay with you for the rest of your career as a professional photographer.


But that’s not all, It is also important to know that every successful photographer must be able to gather up a great team, and hire the right models, Hair, Makeup, fashion Stylist, Art Director, Locations and more, which will be discussed and explained in details through these workshops.


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And Finally the business side of photography:


Marketing and showcasing your portfolio, selling your images, contacting the fashion magazines and how to ask for the big bucks, writing contracts, model release forms, how to invoice, how to bid for a job and much more , is what you can expect to walk away with.
No matter what, Shaun Alexander’s photography workshops can accelerate your journey on to the exciting world of fashion photography.Offering fully customized private one on one workshops to very boutique and small size group workshops in several destinations worldwide , Los Angeles, London and NYC.


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Shaun’s workshop was fantastic. From the moment I walked in the door he was kind and made me feel at home. He tailored the workshop to my specific needs, keeping it within my budget. I was able to learn a range of lighting techniques throughout the day and left the workshop with numerous finished photographs for my portfolio. It was a fun and informative experience that I would highly recommend to any photographer looking to expand their professional skills.

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