Product Photography

Professional Product Photographers in Los Angeles New York or even London have attended Shaun Alexander’s Product photography workshops not only based on his highly styled and captivating catalog, lookbook and product photography work seen in his extensive portfolio as a product photographer but for his eye for perfection, emasculate lighting, capturing every little details and texture of whatever he photographs, while maintaining a perfect balance between art and science of photography which has been his secret to his successful photography career as one of the best product photographers in United States and Europe.
Always keeping a perfect balance between his creativity and technicality.

Maintaining the the colors and the texture, while keeping a highly sophisticated technical, lighting and color management is the key to creating a superior quality product images are owed to his years of training and experience as a professional photographer creating some of the best advertising product images and photos.

Shaun says; In order to become a great product photographer, one must be familiar with all aspects of photography and not just one branch or style, and Shaun’s reputation as a famous Fashion, advertising or product photographer have attracted some of the best photographers from four corners of the world to his Los Angeles and New York product photography workshops and classes. Where he demonstrates the importance of product lighting, proper backgrounds for each product image, product styling, use of props, creative sets, custom designed backgrounds, Virtual 3D Product Photography, 360 degree product photography and much more.

In the 21st century means keeping up with the latest technology and the state of the art cameras and computer gear that his photography studio is equipped with, ensuring his clients and students the unparalleled experience expected from a top professional photographer and a expert in product photography.