Editorial Photography

What is Editorial Photography or what does it take to become an Editorial Photographer.

Well, generally any photographs published in any magazine, especially a lifestyle, glamour or fashion magazine is considered Editorial Photography, very different from Photojournalism or documentary photographers that usually cover the hard news or daily events.

Shaun Alexander is known for his fashion editorial work mainly based on his highly stylized editorial photography and his experience as a fashion photographer.

Whether his photographs are produced in his photo studios in Los Angeles , New York, London or on some exotic locations, Shaun’s unique Fashion Editorial Photography style has landed him inside of many Fashion Editorial magazines such as  GQ, Vogue, Elle, Playboy and many more known and unknown publications worldwide, captivating his audience with his rich , black and white or striking colorful fashion editorial images for over the past 3 decades.

Shaun’s Editorial portraits are famous for the story telling qualities that can take you much deeper in to his photographs, making you feel as you are inside of that image.

As Shaun repeatedly says to his students from around the world that attend his Fashion editorial workshops.

Creating Iconic images have nothing to do with technicality and have everything to do with practicality, direction and creativity.That’s what makes this Man’s images so unique, soulful, timeless and yet so alive and vibrant.