Beauty Photography

As a top professional beauty photographer in LA & NY for close to 3 decades, Shaun Alexander is known among the top celebrities, high fashion/ beauty magazines and the Advertising world as one of the best and most popular beauty photographers in Los Angeles – New York and London

After nearly 30 years of working with some of the greatest beauty brands, hair products and makeup companies Shaun has created some of the most eye catching hair and beauty advertising campaigns worldwide

Since hair photography goes hand in hand with beauty photography and Shaun’s reputation has grown as one of the best hair photographers in the beauty industry in the recent years and had landed him several international hair product campaigns and local campaigns for his celebrity based Beverly hills hair salons and hair accessory companies in the greater Los Angeles

When Searching for the top beauty photographers in La, NYC or globally, Shaun’s images and reputation immediately is recognized by his unique style and eye for perfection from all the other beauty photographers in the world, simply because of his overwhelming amount of experience that enables him to deliver the highest quality images, whether it is hair, beauty or fashion, Shaun has flourished the inside of many hair and beauty publication, hair salon walls, billboards and ad campaigns nationally and internationally

Shaun’s eye for beauty plays an important role in his successful career as a beauty photographer, his hands on approach in creating those stunning images makes working with him an unforgettable and a joyful experience that must only be witnessed in person

If you are an international beauty product company or simply an individual that is seeking the most professional hair or beauty photographer for your next billboard campaign or a magazine cover, CD cover or even a celebrity shoot, We are always delighted to discuss your project no matter the size of your budget, we have the perfect solution that will leave you dazzled and excited.

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