Advertising Photography

Advertising Photography is exactly what you expect it to be, Creating attractive commercials with the use of highly creative images and photographs in order to sell some products or services.

A successful advertising photography campaign is usually created by advertisement agencies that hire a team of highly qualified advertising photographers, Graphic designers, typographers, art directors, stylists, and so on…some companies spend millions of dollars on the most eye catching ads and campaigns.

Professional Advertising agencies spend weeks or months to create a clever ad campaign, using high quality images, combined with  attractive graphic design, those ad agencies know exactly how to make billboards, magazine ads, or even TV commercials that can make a lasting impression in less than a few second in order to allure the consumers to buy more of their goods and services.

And since Photography is the most important element of a successful advertising campaign,searching for professional and creative advertising photographers can be exhausting and also very costly, since advertising Photography must be attractive, high quality, eye catching and not every photographer is considered to be an advertising photographer,  but one thing is for sure, that Shaun Alexander’s 30 years of experience in that field can assure any advertiser with the highest quality images that are unique and extremely creative with the high cost of hiring an ad agency.

No matter if you are looking for a Product Photographer or a top notch advertising photographer for your services, you have come to the right place.

Shaun Alexander studios in Los Angeles and New York, as well as London specialize in the highest quality Print ads, Billboard photography, Television commercials, Magazine ads, Movie posters and much more. Give us a call to discuss your project at your convenience. 310 213 7700 or send us an email to info@shaunalexander.net